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Distributed Noracle

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Participate in our Network of Knowledge Sharing Nodes

The easiest way to access the Distributed Noracle is to browse to here and use our preconfigured Noracle las2peer network, which is ready to use for you without the need to start your own instance.

Start Your Own Noracle and Join the Network

1. Download our Noracle Bundle here

2. Install Java

In order to run Distributed Noracle, you need to have Java (preferably Java 8u162 or above) installed on your system. If you are using a Java version prior to 8u162, you will have to enable strong encryption manually.

3. Execute the start script located in the main folder of the Noracle Bundle

4. This is your locally deployed frontend now

And you should be able to use your own noracle instance.


If you could find the time to fill out our questionnaire, that would be awesome! You can find it here.

Tell us what you miss!

Please use the Requirements Bazaar to tell us your thoughts about how we could improve the distributed noracle and what you think is still missing. We are very grateful for all inspiration.

Full research paper presented at EC-TEL 2018, introducing architecture and evaluation of the Distributed Noracle: Link
Initial paper presenting the (analoge) Noracle concept: Link
Paper presented at the EC-TEL 2017, introducing the concept of a distributed Noracle: Link
Base Architecture: Link